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Helluva show last night! Thanks for coming back out and playing after the rain moved on. I first saw ya'll at SXSW at the Continental Club in the Ben Livingston show, and I brought the family to see ya'll last night. We all hope ya'll have another show this summer somewhere. The Loose Wheels--the mighty tightest band in the land!!!
Hey guys, love your music.....Pierce and Duncan, I have known your mom for more than 40 years......your grandfather was a great friend of mine for all those years ........He loved you guys and was so proud of you, as great musicians but mostly as great young men....He will be missed by all of us that knew and loved him.....Wally
Thanks for an incredible performance at the Hill Country Galleria. The Loose Wheels really rock! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the band members. The Austin Chronicle and the Rolling Stone should be interviewing you. It is easy to see that each member of the band has a bright, shining future. Best wishes.
Hi duncan
I heard you yesterday evening at the Lake Travis High School parade. I am a 72 year old geezer, and not really into music, but you guys are great. You have a real future ahead of you, hang in there.
Saw you at Hang Town Grill! You guys are amazing. I've never been so immediately impressed by a live band of any age.... Huge future ahead of you.
I am John Kronenberger's Aunt from Chicago. His mom, Celeste is my sister. Big fan of The Loose Wheels.
Saw you at the Spicewood Airport Annual Party....you guys ROCK!!! Everyone has been talking about your music...made for a wonderful evening!!
You guys play great music and are young geniuses. You just get out there and do your thing. Great times and lots of fun dancing.
You guys ROCK!!! Your music ensures a night full of dancing and so much fun! Can't wait to see you all play again!
What a night and this band made it! I am so imoressed with your music and what fun I had dancing to it. I want to see what you will charge me to play @ the Aloft Hotel in the domain re-opening party? Please email me and it you have a CD, I would love one so the staff can hear the music. Melanie Olguin 687-6615